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“Leah Kruszewski is an exceptional guitar teacher. I wanted to learn to play guitar since I was a teenager, and feel so fortunate to have found her. She always kept such a positive attitude, with great patience for an adult learner. Every lesson was fun; and included a bit of technique, new pieces of music with increasing complexity, and a little music theory. It was the perfect pace for me. I continue to play most every day, and look forward to starting lessons with Leah online.”
-Sharon, adult guitar student

“I always look forward to my weekly lessons with Leah. She is a great teacher who makes learning the guitar fun. Leah is patient and always willing to work with me until I learn the correct way to play a note or a piece of music. She uses all kinds of music to help me learn new concepts and will play with me so I get a feel for the music. I really like learning to play guitar with Leah!”
-Keaton, age 11

“Leah is a remains my daughter’s all-time favorite guitar teacher.  She is professionally trained and enjoys working with children.  As a parent, I knew she was providing sufficient structure, while also maintaining a warm and supportive learning environment.   Leah has my highest recommendation.”
-Todd, parent

"Our daughter’s first guitar teacher was Leah Kruszewski.  She brought her passion for guitar and teaching to every lesson. She was able to bring the most out of Kinga, inspiring her to practice, memorize songs as well as overcome some of her shyness and perform both solo and with Leah before an audience."
-Andy, parent

"During the year I took lessons with Leah I came to admire her patience, attention to detail and professionalism. In addition to these fine attributes, she also has a great deal of personal talent, musical knowledge and the ability to motivate her students to do their best. I especially appreciated her knack for diagnosing technical problems and giving clear instructions on how I could overcome them. She inspired me to continue my studies and enjoyment of playing the guitar."
-Susan, adult guitar student

"My daughter was fortunate to have Leah Kruszewski as her guitar teacher in Richmond Virginia for four years. Leah is such an exceptional musician and a wonderful teacher.  She is able to take a beginning guitar player, patiently teach them  fundamental guitar skills, and then progress them to master challenging classical guitar pieces. Her teaching technique motivated my daughter to want to consistently practice her guitar, be eager to learn, and become a more skillful musician. It was amazing to see the progress each week!"
-K. Travers, parent

“Leah Kruszewski's guitar lessons, for an experienced guitarist, provides more than techniques. Her passion for flamenco's dramatic chording and rhythms are captivating, and with that, she conveys the style very effectively. Passion is the true source of Flamenco technique. But Leah's passion to teach is equaled by her passion to listen, deeply exploring each question, or hearing a composition idea of mine and helping me develop it improvisationally . She is agile and fluid, making each moment of each lesson a special moment. I recommend Leah for any age student - and for advanced studies, she is superb.”
-Erik, adult student

“Leah remains my daughter’s all-time favorite guitar teacher.  She is professionally trained and enjoys working with children.  As a parent, I knew she was providing sufficient structure, while also maintaining a warm and supportive learning environment.   Leah has my highest recommendation.”
-Todd, parent

Students from Richmond, Virginia (2007-2013)
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"Leah is a wonderful guitar teacher. I am a beginner adult learning guitar. Leah has been great in all aspects. Every class she give me the perfect mix of technique and fun things to play. She makes learning guitar fun and at the same time challenging. She is very patient and pays a lot of attention to make sure you learn good technique. In between classes gives me notes and videos that help me practice. She is very talented. Has made my experience of learning guitar very engaging and satisfying one. I can't say enough good things about her. What a great platform. I can take classes at the time of my preference right from home!! Works very well, even when my teacher is in the east coast and I am in the west coast video streaming is perfect."
-Elisa, flamenco guitar student

"Tengo niños de 9 y 6 años de edad y Leah da una formacion adaptada a cada uno de ellos. Están muy motivados y avanzan rápido. Utiliza el inglés para comunicarse con ellos, lo que también es muy positivo para mí. Es tremendamente formal y sería."
-Javier, padre de dos alumnos jovenes

-Maria Jose, toma clases con su hijo

"Leah es estupenda con los niños, muy cercana y creativa para que lleguen a aprender rápidamente el manejo de la guitarra. Ella tiene mucha profesionalidad, tanto en el manejo como en su seriedad, pues no ha faltado ningun día. A ella le encanta tocar y enseñar. Además, al ser una profesora nativa sus clases se convierten en una doble vertiente: practican inglés, al mismo tiempo que se divierten tocando. Recomendable 100%"
-Cinta, madre de una alumna de 7 años

"Fantástica profesora, paciente con l@s niñ@s, muy responsable con su Trabajo y con gran empatía. Muy recomentable."

-Marta, madre de tres alumnos jovenes

"Es una profesora preparada, cumplidora y responsable."

-Judit, madre de tres alumnos jovenes

Recommendations from Current and Former Students

Alumnos de Sevilla

"Leah es una profesora con mucha paciencia y sensibilidad y se adapta exactamente a lo que yo necesitaba: observar los vicios adqueridos con los años y plantear ejercicios para mejorar estos problemas. Con pocas horas he mejorado bastante mi mano derecha y la postura de la izquierda. La profesora propone ejercicios individualizados, y la verdad es que estoy volviendo a disfrutar de la guitarra gracias a ella. En fin, muy recomendable!"

-Claus, alumno adulto de guitarra avanzado

"Tiene mucha paciencia para la enseñanza de un instrumento nada fácil como la guitarra para con los niños y consigue transmitir en ellos el gusto por la música en general."
-Ángel, padre de un alumno de 6 años

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"Leah has been teaching my 6 year old daughter. I was so skeptical before starting the lessons online. But I am so glad I went ahead. I would not have found Leah otherwise. Things I love about her- - She is always there to help and takes extra effort to make things work. She is always cheerful. I like her approach where she makes the student think about notes, rather than telling her offhand. She is always willing to record audio/video and send them as offline help. She responds really quickly to my messages. She is accommodating to any requests. Above all my daughter loves to learn from her. I would recommend Leah to anyone looking for a good Guitar teacher."

-Arti, parent of a 6-year-old student 

"Leah was organized, prepared and easy to understand. It was the most beneficial lesson I have ever had."
-Mia, fingerstyle guitar student 

"My son loves Leah. She is patient, kind, and fun! She tailors her lessons to his interests and really involves him in choosing songs to learn. Each lesson is broken down into several new skills so he never has time to get bored or overwhelmed. I am an experienced teacher and it's obvious to me that Leah is also. Being a great musician is only part of the equation - you have to know how to teach, and Leah certainly does!"
-Jenny, parent of an 11-year-old student 

"Leah is an amazing teacher, encouraging and helpful with my child's needs."

-Maria, parent of an 11-year-old student 

online guitar lessons for children

"It is not easy to find a good teacher, especially for the art of flamenco guitar. At first I thought that I will learn by only watching but very soon I discovered that the road is longer and more difficult than I had imagined, and that it is necessary to have a Mentor (Maestro!) Who will guide me carefully and recognize my weaknesses and help me move forward. During my acquaintance with Leah (approximately 24 study hours) I got to know a punctual, pleasant and patient person. A person with rich knowledge about theory of music, Flamenco culture and a great learning orientation. 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.' Thank you Leah, looking forward to our next sessions.​"

-Gilad, flamenco guitar student

"A local acquaintance told me about Leah, and Ive wanted to push ahead with flamenco for a long time. This was the push I needed. And, my wife and I got to have dinner with Leah in Sevilla, Spain in October. She's the best."

-Pete, flamenco guitar student

"I had the privilege of knowing and playing with Leah in a classical guitar ensemble in the summer of 2013 prior to her departure for Spain. We were in the same voice group and sat side by side. During the several rehearsals sessions, she impressed upon me as a guitarist with textbook perfect posture with solid fundamentals. Never heard she ever made any mistake. I felt apprehensive and intimidated playing first time beside a professional musician with great reputation. However her friendly and easy going personality put me at ease without her realizing it. Her fabulous Suenos Gitano CD introduced me first to the rhythms of flamenco. And finally I had the opportunity to learn from Leah how to play. The experiences from the online lessons confirmed my first impression of her and much more. Her teaching was precise and organized in introducing techniques and giving out homework. The flow of each session was well thought of with maximum efficiency. She was very patient with my poor ability in chord recognition and always willing to offer help to clarify. I found her teaching inspiring and motivating. The ability of being able to watch carefully Leah’s finger movement in the recorded videos helped immensely in my practice. Will not hesitate a moment to highly recommend Leah to anyone who is interested."

-Frank, student of fall 2016 group class 'Intro to Flamenco Guitar'

"I absolutely love my weekly lessons with Leah. She is patient and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn classical guitar. I started as a total beginner to classical guitar, and I'm already reading music thanks to Leah's very clear lesson plans. Lessonface is also surprisingly easy and super accessible. This is the way of the future for people who want to study but can't afford the time/energy of going out to someone's home or a music shop..especially for specialty lessons like classical guitar."
-Adam, classical guitar student 

"Leah is an excellent guitar teacher. She focuses on what you want to learn, and tailors her lessons around helping you achieve your goals. She truly understands the concepts of how to teach and is friendly, patient and encouraging throughout. I would recommend Leah to any guitarist as she will definitely help to improve your playing. If still in doubt, please read her articlesposted on this site, as they will illustrate what a professional teacher she really is."

-Rik, fingerstyle guitar student

"Two years ago after a 47 year hiatus, I once again began playing guitar, but alas, with withered and arthritic hands migrated to fingerstyle guitar. I came across Lessonface and was intrigued by Leah and the Flamenco style. Since she could teach young children, I might be workable. Yes, I had poor experiences with live internet courses with some very well-known and highly rated guitar sites. With those courses, I dropped out from boredom and a lack of challenge, with Leah; it was always the anticipation of what is next? Leah’s subtle engaging, motivating and inspiring approach, care and thought directed toward proper guitar playing technique, precision teaching style, and kind gentle manner which wove back and forth from each exercise to playing an entire solea (composition) was pure artistry. After each lesson even when I would practice material prior to her course, my technique, hand work, and tone was markedly better. Given my hands, I had reasonable expectations; yet, high hopes which both were far exceeded in the Flamenco course. I am thankful for the unexpected impact Leah has had on all the Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Muriel Anderson, Paul Simon, et al. arrangements I have been practicing."

-Marc, student of summer 2016 group class 'Intro to Flamenco Guitar'