Where do the lessons take place? 

I teach flamenco guitar lessons in my home studio in the center of Seville (Calle Infantes, see map on the right).  It is a 15-minute walk from the Giralda Cathedral, five minutes from 'las Setas' (Metropol Parasol), and five minutes the night-life hotspot Alameda de Hercules.  

How much do the lessons cost?

Lessons are 30€ for one hour and 40€ for 90 minutes.  One hour lessons work best for students who will be in Seville for several weeks and will be taking many lessons.  For visitors on shorter stays who just want one class or a couple classes, I recommend 90-minute lessons.  That way I'll have time to give you a thorough introduction to flamenco.  

STUDENT DISCOUNT: If you'll be studying abroad in Seville and plan on taking lessons for a few months, please ask me about my student rates, I'll be glad to give you a discount!​​

Accompanying the Latin Ballet in VCU's Flamenco Festival VI, November 2016
I'll be in Seville for several months.  Can I rent your guitar long-term?

Yes, you can, if it's available, but it probably wouldn't make financial sense.  You would be better off buying a cheap student guitar (around 150€) to use during your stay.  If you don't want to take it with you, you can give it away (or, if you're lucky, sell it), when you leave.  

I want to buy a nice guitar, where should I go? 

Get in touch with me!  It mostly depends on your budget.  You can get a decent factory-made guitar starting around 300 or 400€, which would be fine if you're a serious student on a tight budget.  Hand-made, professional quality guitars start around 800€.  I can point you toward some good sources, and, depending on my schedule, possibly help you decide.

Besides the guitar, what else do I need for flamenco guitar lessons?

A capo ('cejilla' in Spanish) is essential for flamenco guitar.  A clip-on tuner is a good idea too.  If you'll be taking many lessons, you should bring a smart-phone or other means of recording videos.  If you're just taking one or a couple lessons, I can record the videos and email them to you.

Are you planning on visiting Seville and would like to try your hand at playing flamenco guitar?  I offer private flamenco guitar lessons for beginners and students of all experience levels.  Private instruction in flamenco will give your visit a lot more context and will help you understand the flamenco shows you plan to attend.  Send me a message with the form on the right, and read below for more information.  

Accompanying dancer Yume in an outdoor performance in Seville center
Is it okay if I'm a beginning guitarist?

It is perfectly fine if you are new to flamenco, I absolutely offer flamenco guitar lessons for beginners!  In fact, most of my visiting students are beginners, at least in flamenco.  That said, it will help a whole lot if you already know how to play another style of guitar.  You should know how to play basic chords (G, C, D, E, A, D, and their minor versions) and be able to change chords easily.  If you already know how to use your right hand to play arpeggios and melodies, even better. 

How can I pay and when is payment due?

I accept payment for flamenco guitar lessons via:

  • Cash (Euros)
  • Bank Transfer (Euros) - I will give you my IBAN number.
  • Paypal (Dollars, plus a 5% transaction fee) - I will convert to the lesson prices dollars using the current exchange rate, add the transaction fee, and send you an invoice.

Generally, payment is due in full on the first day of your series of lessons.  If you want to reserve many hours for an intensive guitar course, I may require that you pay half the cost at the time of reservation.  That way I can be sure of your commitment before I rearrange my regular teaching schedule. 

Do I need a guitar during the lesson?  


Do you have a guitar I can rent or borrow? 

Yes!  If you need to use a guitar during a lesson, you can use one of my extras for free, no problem. 

If you'll be staying for several lessons and want to take a guitar with you for practice,  I have Yamaha classical guitar (CG-151S) that you can rent if it is available.  It is set up for flamenco and is very comfortable and easy to play.  It comes with a back-pack style gig bag and a capo.  The cost of rent is 25€ per week, plus a 300€ deposit that I return to you when you return the guitar.  Please check in advance on availability! 

Where should I stay?  Do you arrange accomodations for students?  

I don't typically arrange lodgings for students but am willing to do so if you compensate me for my time.  Seville is full of hotels, hostels, and AirBnB lodgings, you will have no trouble finding a place on your own.  For students who are coming primarily for intensive flamenco guitar lessons, staying in the zone 'Casco Antiguo' (the historic center) will put you close lessons and flamenco nightlife.  If you plan on playing guitar a lot during your stay, please check with your host that it won't be a problem. ​ 

Where can I see a good flamenco show in Seville?  

I recommend the following venues.  Most have two shows every evening, one at 7pm, one a bit later.  Shows last about an hour.  If you want to be sure to get a ticket and a good seat, I recommend calling ahead to reserve and/or arriving very early. 

Casa de la Guitarra

Casa de la Memoria

Museo de Baile Flamenco

Also, several local bars host informal flamenco gatherings that are fun and free - ask me for details!

Is there anything else I should know?

Two things:

  • My studio is on the third floor and there is no elevator.  If your mobility is reduced so that you can't climb stairs, we may need to arrange another location for the classes.
  • I have a cat.  Please let me know if you are allergic, and I will clean thoroughly and hide her away.

Flamenco guitar lessons in the heart of Seville, Spain


Do I need to know how to read music?
Will you write everything in TAB?  

No to both questions.  Flamenco guitar lessons are traditionally taught by rote.  That means that the teacher demonstrates, and the student copies.   That is by far the best method of learning flamenco, and will keep you connected to the sound and feel of the music.  It can be weird at first if you're used to learning from paper, but you'll quickly learn to trust your ear and hands more.  I occasionally write out rhythms, TABs, or notation if a student needs to visualize something, but it is not a habit.  At the end of each class, I will record videos of all the material and concepts we cover, and you will use the videos to study. 

Do you offer intensive flamenco guitar lessons?  

Yes!  Just get in touch with me as early as possible, please, so that I can reserve space in my schedule.  I can usually offer classes as intensive as you want, as long as you can be flexible with the days and times and work around my normal class schedule.  Examples of past guitar students' schedules are: two weeks of daily 2-hour lessons, one month of five one-hour lessons per week, one month of three one-hour classes per week.  

Accompanying dancer Yolit in Port Royal, Va

Flamenco guitar lessons take place in my home studio in Calle Infantes, right in the heart of Seville, Spain.