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​​​Teaching Style and Specialties

I specialize in classical and flamenco guitar and love teaching these genres to students of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced and even professional players.  I focus classical guitar lessons on learning and refining classical guitar technique, music theory, approaches to interpretation, and building a well-rounded and interesting repertoire that includes pieces from many styles and eras.  The online lesson format is really useful for students interested in flamenco guitar, a specialized art form that thrives in Andalucia, Spain.  I concentrate flamenco lessons on learning the basics of flamenco technique, understanding flamenco compás (rhythm), falsetas and solo material, and the basics of accompanying cante (flamenco singing). 

For adults and teenagers learning fingerstyle or other acoustic guitar styles, I arrange a flexible curriculum that follows the student's interests. I typically devote half the lesson to topics of technique and theory that apply to student's interests, and the other half to learning songs of their choice.

I relate well to children and adapt my teaching to give individual students what they need to learn best.  I move patiently and thoroughly through the fundamentals and lay out very clear goals for practice time between lessons.  Along with learning the essentials, I mix in plenty of fun songs and games to keep music fun and interesting. 

For very young beginners, I recommend Loog guitar lessons.  Loog guitars are child-sized, three-string guitars especially designed for tiny hands to maximize learning and fun.  

​Booking and Pricing
Booking and payments are really easy via Lessonface.  Check out my schedule openings here, select a time that suits you, and I will see you online at that time.  

Flamenco and classical guitar
$35 for 30 minutes •$50 for 45 minutes • $65 for one hour

Loog guitar for kids

$35 for 30 minutes

​Fingerstyle and acoustic guitar 
*availability varies, please contact me before booking*
$35 for 30 minutes •$50 for 45 minutes

Discounted Lesson Rates
I offer a 5% discount when you purchase 5 lessons at once, a 10% discount when purchase 10 lessons at once, and a 15% discount when you subscribe to weekly lessons. I also offer seasonal promotions (see my booking page), and Lessonface publishes special deals in their newsletter, which you can sign up for when you create your Lessonface account.

online guitar teacher Leah Kruszewski offers lessons in flamenco, classical, fingerstyle, and acoustic guitar

One-on-one Guitar Lessons Online

Loog guitar lessons are a great option for young children

The flexibility and convenience of online guitar lessons helps students of all ages make time for music.

Loog guitar lessons are a great option for very young beginners.  Loog guitars are child-sized, three-string guitars designed to ease learning and maximize fun.


Ready to schedule your first lesson?


​​I teach private guitar lessons online to students anywhere in the world from my home studio in Seville, Spain.  Students book via  Lessonface,a platform designed especially for live online music lessons.  Check out my availability and schedule your classes here,or keep reading to learn more about online guitar lessons.​​


online lessons are a great way to learn flamenco guitar outside of Spain