Flamenco concert in Arles, France.  I've been performing and teaching classical guitar for over twelve years.  I moved to Seville in 2013 to pursue flamenco guitar full-time. 


Questions? Ready to book?  Get in touch using the form below, by email at leah.kruszewski@gmail.com​, or Whatsapp at +34 674 660 794.

Learn guitar in the heart of Seville

I teach private guitar lessons in Seville, Spain in flamenco guitarclassical guitar, and Spanish guitar. My classes are geared towards visitors to Seville who come especially to explore flamenco guitar and culture, or who simply want to musically enrich their stay with Spanish or classical guitar lessons. Students can take anywhere from one introductory class to several months of intensive classes.


All private guitar lessons take place in my home in Calle Fray Isidoro de Sevilla. It is a 30-minute walk from the Giralda Cathedral and a 9-minute walk from the Arco de la Macarena.  I will provide the exact address and detailed directions when you book.


  • My studio is on the fourth floor and there is no elevator.  If you can't climb stairs, we may need to arrange another location for the classes.
  • I have a cat.  If you're allergic I can vacuum and hide her away. 


50€ per one-hour class

  • great for students who will be taking many lessons over the course of several weeks

65€ per 90-minute class

  • recommended for students who will just be taking one or a couple classes, or who want a very intensive experience

Payment Methods

  • Cash on the day of the lesson(s) is great.
  • Bank transfersmust be arranged in advance of the first lesson. 
    • I recommend Wise for international transfers.​ It's easy to set up and they offer excellent exchange rates. 
    • Standard transfer in Euros from any EU bank is fine too.
    • Zelle is a possibility for US students, but we'll need to adjust for the current USD-EUR exchange rate.
    • ​I do not accept cards.
  • If you'd like to reserve a series of intensive lessons in advance, I may ask for a deposit, which you can pay via bank transfer.

Student Discount

If you are studying abroad in Seville and plan on taking weekly lessons for several months, I may be able to offer you a student discount.  Just ask!

Guitar for rent

If you're visiting Seville, I can loan you a guitar for use during private guitar lessons (no charge!).  If you plan on taking several flamenco guitar lessons, you will learn much faster with regular practice between classes.  If you don't want the hassle or risk of traveling with your own guitar, I can rent you a guitar during your stay.  The cost of rent is 30€ per week, plus cash deposit (50€ or 200€ depending on which guitar).  I return the deposit when you return the guitar.  Please check in advance on availability! 

My experience

I discovered flamenco guitar in my hometown of Richmond, Va (USA) and instantly became hooked. Ten years ago I moved to Seville to pursue flamenco full-time and have been immersed in the flamenco world ever since. I currently accompany dancers and singers in Seville and teach guitar to students from all over the world. I love sharing my passion with newcomers to the art form and guiding their discovery of flamenco in Seville.

​Prior to relocating to Spain, I studied Classical Guitar Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I have been teaching since 2007.  In addition to in-person private guitar lessons in Seville, I teach students all over the world via the online lesson platform Lessonface.  I have taught first songs to six year olds, prepared serious students for university auditions, and helped retirees review the basics and expand their repertoire.  

More about private guitar lessons

​I teach flamenco guitar lessons to beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.  I focus flamenco lessons on learning the basics of flamenco technique, understanding flamenco compás (rhythm), building a repertoire of falsetas and solo material, and learning the basics of accompanying cante (flamenco singing).  In addition to personal instruction during lessons, I guide students' study of flamenco outside the lesson by suggesting videos, recordings, printed material, and live performances that will help round out your flamenco experience.  Find everything you need to know about flamenco guitar classes in Seville here.

I teach classical guitar and spanish guitar (classical guitar with emphasis on Spanish repertoire) to students of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced and even professional players.  For long-term students, I focus lessons on learning and refining classical guitar technique, music theory, approaches to interpretation, and building a well-rounded and interesting repertoire that includes pieces from many styles and eras.  For visitors to Seville who will be taking lessons temporarily, we will concentrate heavily on repertoire and include technique when it would be helpful.  For young students and students new to music, I emphasize good practice techniques and guide them in setting and achieving musical goals.   Read all you need to know about classical guitar lessons and spanish guitar lessons in Seville here. 

I relate well to children and adapt my teaching style to give young students what they need to learn best.  Whether the lessons are in flamenco or classical guitar,  I move patiently and thoroughly through the fundamentals and lay out very clear goals both within the lessons and for practice time between lessons.  I am happy to give the guitar lessons in Spanish when the visit to Seville is intended to be language-focused. 

Guitar classes take place in my home in Calle Fray Isidoro de Sevilla. The map shows approximate walking times from a few common landmarks.  I'll provide the exact address and detailed directions when you book.

flamenco, classical, and Spanish guitar classes in the center of Seville
intensive flamenco guitar lessons in the center of Seville
flamenco guitar lessons in the center of Seville

Intensive flamenco guitar lessons in the center of Seville

Leah Kruszewski, classical and flamenco guitarist

Private Guitar Lessons in Seville

Classes in flamenco, classical, and Spanish classical guitar

Performance with flamenco guitar, singing, and dance in Seville, Spain.  Watching and listening to flamenco is crucial to your understanding of the music and culture.  I'll recommend the best places to see authentic flamenco shows during your visit.

Introduction to flamenco guitar technique during a visit to Seville

Performance with flamenco guitar, singing, and dance in Seville


guitar teacher Leah Kruszewski has been teaching and performing for twelve years