Learning flamenco guitar arpeggios in Seville

Learn Flamenco Guitar in Seville

I offer introductory flamenco guitar classes for visitors to Seville, ideal for curious beginners and seasoned musicians alike.  You'll gain the essential knowledge you need to fully appreciate your flamenco experience in Seville, plus tricks and tips that will inspire your guitar playing in any style.  

Classes take place in the center of Seville, within a 30-minute walk of anywhere in the center.  Classes last 90 minutes and cost 50€ (cash, please). They are designed for a single student, though traveling companions are welcome to sit in and 'audit'.  A guitar is provided for use during the class.  

Classes are by appointment only, please reserve ahead using the form on the right.

Flamenco guitar classes take place in my home studio, within a 30-minute walk from anywhere in Seville center. The map shows approximate walking times from a few common landmarks.  See a larger map here. I'll provide the exact address and detailed directions when you book.

Learning flamenco guitar rhythms and rasgueos in Seville

Learning a 'falseta' (short solo) for Solea during an introductory flamenco class in Seville


Questions?  Ready to book your class?  Get in touch using the form below or by email at leah.kruszewski@gmail.com

Discover Flamenco Guitar in Seville, Spain

Discover Flamenco Guitar in Seville

​A hands-on introduction to flamenco guitar
technique, music, and culture

After an introductory flamenco guitar class during a family vacation in Seville

a one-off flamenco guitar lesson during vacation in Seville
learning first flamenco guitar falseta in Seville
flamenco guitar classes in Seville, Spain
flamenco guitar classes in the center of Seville
learning flamenco guitar rhythms in Seville


Free 30-minute private lesson online
in flamenco or classical guitar
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Now Enrolling!

New online group classes in flamenco guitar begin Sunday May 9th!

Rhythm and Rasgueos for All Guitarists (Sundays 12:30pm EST starting May 9th, 2021)

  • Rasgueos are terrific for strengthening your right hand technique, regardless of the genre you play.  Learning them improves your sense of pulse, accents, and subdivisions, and well-placed rasgueos add a lively twist to any style of guitar music.  

Exploring Bulerias (Sundays 1:30pm starting May 9th, 2021) 

  • For guitarists looking to deepen their knowledge of flamenco’s most energetic and diverse palo.  You’ll learn classic, catchy falsetas for three variants of Bulerías, improve your grasp of compás, and meet friendly flamenco enthusiasts from all over the world

*use coupon code leahgroupclass for $30 off either group class (or both if you choose!)*​

Enroll using the links or get in touch with questions at leah.kruszewski@gmail.com.  
See you there!

learning flamenco guitar arpeggios in Seville


More about flamenco classes

What we'll do

​Whether you're a a curious beginner or seasoned musician looking for new tricks and inspiration, you'll discover a fascinating new dimension of the guitar in the world of flamenco. You'll explore first-hand the structures and rhythms that make flamenco work and uncover how flamenco dance, singing and guitar unite to create the passion and energy that we experience in flamenco.

The majority of the class you'll spend with a guitar in hand, learning fundamental techniques and repertoire of flamenco guitar. We'll make a few short videos of the music you learn to refresh your memory when you return home.  I'll also give you an overview of flamenco's origins and evolution. You'll learn how flamenco dancers, singers, and guitarists communicate to deliver a breath-taking improvised performance. I'll guide you in the best places to see live flamenco performances during your stay.

You'll walk away with the essential knowledge you need to fully appreciate your flamenco experience in Seville, tricks and techniques that will inspire your guitar playing in any style, and (who knows!) the first building blocks for your future as a flamenco guitarist.​

What's included

  • Flamenco guitar for use during class
  • Printed overview of essential flamenco knowledge and vocabulary, plus information on flamenco performances in Seville
  • Recorded videos of the music you learn 

​Where classes take place
Flamenco guitar classes take place in my cozy top-floor home studio in the center of Seville (see map above right). It is within a 30-minute walk from anywhere in the city center.  See a larger map here, and I will provide the exact address and detailed directions when you book.

IMPORTANT: My studio is on the third floor and there is no elevator.  If you can't climb stairs, please let me know.  We may need to arrange another location for the classes.


  • One student: 50€ total (90-minute class)
  • Auditor(s): no charge.  Auditors may sit in and listen, but they will not have a guitar in hand during the class. 

How you can pay

  • Please pay in cash on the day of the class
  • If cash poses a problem and you are willing to pay before the class, I will accept a bank transfer via

Who can attend

  • All levels of guitar experience are welcome!  I adapt my teaching to your abilities. 
  • While there is no minimum age, young students need to be big enough to handle a full-size guitar.   
  • I can accommodate up to three guests at a time, one student and two 'auditors'.

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