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Flamenco Workshop: Alegrias

Sundays starting September 20th, 2020

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I currently offer group online classes, where we learn easy, relaxing guitar pieces that feature right-hand arpeggio and fingerstyle techniques. You can drop in for a single class or sign up for ongoing weekly classes.

Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar

Ongoing Tuesdays

Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists

Sundays starting September 20th, 2020

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Music theory is the language and logic of music. As we grow as guitarists, we see patterns emerge in chords and scales, and we get curious about how our instrument really works. In this course, I’ll teach you music theory specifically as it applies to the guitar. 

We won’t address music notation at all, so non-readers can relax. We will, however, learn the musical alphabet and some basic grammar rules that go along with it.  We’ll learn how to build chords and scales, and make sense of keys and chord progressions. Each class will present one building block of theory, and we’ll explore the concept with guitar in hand. You’ll finish each class with exercises (both written and on guitar) to reinforce and apply your new knowledge. 

Lessonface GO classes are offered on a sliding scale, so you can choose the payment option that best suits your financial situation.  There are $10, $5, and free options, as well as monthly subscriptions and invite-a-friend options.

Enroll in Flamenco Workshop: Alegrias here

The Spanish folk art flamenco offers a wealth of inspiration for guitarists of any background. Alegrias is a festive and joyful flamenco style, and its 12-count rhythm (compás) is essential to understanding flamenco. In this course, we will explore the sounds, techniques, and rhythms of flamenco in the context of Alegrias.   You’ll learn the core flamenco techniques such as rasgueos, alzapua, and tremolo.  We’ll go over the fundamentals of each technique in an exercise, and then apply it to a short musical phrase (falseta) of Alegrias.  Students will finish the course with a full-length solo arrangement of Alegrias.