Flamenco Guitar Performances 

Photos and Videos of Recent Performances

Flamenco Guitar Performances

  • private performances

  • concerts and festivals​

  • Seville, Spain and abroad​

Get in touch using the form below or by email at leah.kruszewski@gmail.com

​I am available for concerts, festivals, and private performances in Seville and abroad, solo or with flamenco dancers and singers.

Flamenco guitar makes a great backdrop for dinners, special occasions, and intimate celebrations. The most common private performances I give are solo flamenco guitar for private parties and events in Seville center.  For a single one-hour set I charge 200€.  For 1.5 to 2 hours of music (two sets with a short break in between), I charge 300€.  For events outside of Seville city center, price depends on travel distance.  

Other sorts of events I play: 

  • Private parties and events with flamenco ensemble (including a dancer and/or singer)
  • Concerts, recitals, and flamenco festivals.  Solo or including flamenco dance and/or singing.
  • Prices depend on ensemble size, travel distance, and other event details.  Contact me to discuss!

For more information and booking, contact me using the form on the right, by email, or by phone.

Listen to samples of my music below!

flamenco guitarist Leah Kruszewski, available for performances in Seville, Spain and abroad