St Peters Episcopal Church, 823 Water Street, Port Royal, VA, 23535
This September, I will travel from Seville, Spain to Port Royal, Virginia, USA to give a flamenco concert at St Peters Episcopal Church.  The concert will feature flamenco guitar and dancer Yolit, and will take place on Tuesday, September 15th, at 7pm, and will be preceded by a tapas and sangria reception at 6pm.

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Vocals were recorded by JuanMi Guzmán of TabacoRecord (Seville, Spain).  Guitar, percussion, and trumpet were recorded by Lance Koehler of Minimum Wage Studios (Richmond, VA, USA).  Mix and master also by Minimum Wage Studios. 

Soy guitarrista clásica y flamenca de Richmond, Virgina (USA), y vivo en Sevilla, España.  Imparto clases particulares de guitarra a alumnos de Sevilla y clases de guitarra por internet a alumnos en todo el mundo in estos estilos: guitarra clásica, guitarra flamenca, guitarra para niños (de seis años en adelante), y guitarra para adultos.  Se pueden dar clases en inglés o español, y en el estudio de la profesorra o del estudiante.   Más información aquí:

Clases Particulares de Guitarra en Sevilla, España

en mi estudio (Macarena) o a domicilio

Clases de Guitarra por Internet

para estudiantes internacionales

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"Albores" Album Release

In March 2013, I launched my Kickstarter Project Guitarra Flamenca to fund one year of flamenco study and composition in Seville, Spain. Thanks to over 200 backers, the project was successful, and that one year has turned into an indefinite stay in Seville and full-time pursuit of flamenco. 

One of Guitarra Flamenca's main projects and backer rewards was to record an album of flamenco music that I learned and composed during my first year in Seville.  I recorded this album in summer 2014 with singer Daniel Azcarate, trumpet player Mary Lawrence Hicks, and percussionist Ian Browning. "Albores" was released in March exclusively to Guitarra Flamenca backers.  Listen to clips from the album here!

  • Alegrias1:43
  • Bulerias1:06
  • Granainas2:24
  • Peteneras1:43
  • Seguirillas1:49

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Seville, Spain

Thanks to all the Richmond, VA flamenco enthusiasts who came out to Virginia Commonwealth University's Flamenco Festival V, March 20-22nd, 2015!

The festival featured performances by Washington D.C. guitarists Torcuato Zamora and Miguelito, a master class by Miguelito, and a concert by RVA flamenco musicians Denver Walker, Ian Browning, Clarke Hedgepath, Mary Lawrence Hicks, and myself.  We had around five hundred guests attend the concerts and master class, and we are looking forward to planning the next festival for November 2016.

VCU's Flamenco Festival V

I am a classical and flamenco guitarist from Richmond, Virginia (USA) currently living in Seville, Spain.  I teach private guitar lessons to students in Seville and guitar lessons online to students anywhere in the world in the following styles: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, guitar for children (6 and up), and guitar for adults.  Lessons can be taught in English or Spanish and can take place in my studio or in the home of the student.  Click below for more info:


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Classical and Flamenco Guitar

teacher and performER

Leah Kruszewski

I am excited to join the Lessonface teaching community!  Lessonface is one of the world's leading platforms for online music lessons and is a wonderful community of enthusiastic students and excellent teachers.  You can visit my Lessonface teacher profile, learn more about online music lessons, and book guitar classes with me here.

Lessonface Guitar Classes Online

Flamenco Concert in Port Royal, VA

Lesson Reviews from Current and Former Students

“Leah Kruszewski is an exceptional guitar teacher. I wanted to learn to play guitar since I was a teenager, and feel so fortunate to have found her. She always kept such a positive attitude, with great patience for an adult learner. Every lesson was fun; and included a bit of technique, new pieces of music with increasing complexity, and a little music theory. It was the perfect pace for me. I continue to play most every day, and look forward to starting lessons with Leah online.”
-Sharon, adult guitar student

“I always look forward to my weekly lessons with Leah. She is a great teacher who makes learning the guitar fun. Leah is patient and always willing to work with me until I learn the correct way to play a note or a piece of music. She uses all kinds of music to help me learn new concepts and will play with me so I get a feel for the music. I really like learning to play guitar with Leah!”
-Keaton, age 11

“Leah is a remains my daughter’s all-time favorite guitar teacher.  She is professionally trained and enjoys working with children.  As a parent, I knew she was providing sufficient structure, while also maintaining a warm and supportive learning environment.   Leah has my highest recommendation.”
-Todd, parent

"Our daughter’s first guitar teacher was Leah Kruszewski.  She brought her passion for guitar and teaching to every lesson. She was able to bring the most out of Kinga, inspiring her to practice, memorize songs as well as overcome some of her shyness and perform both solo and with Leah before an audience."
-Andy, parent

"During the year I took lessons with Leah I came to admire her patience, attention to detail and professionalism. In addition to these fine attributes, she also has a great deal of personal talent, musical knowledge and the ability to motivate her students to do their best. I especially appreciated her knack for diagnosing technical problems and giving clear instructions on how I could overcome them. She inspired me to continue my studies and enjoyment of playing the guitar."
-Susan, adult guitar student

"My daughter was fortunate to have Leah Kruszewski as her guitar teacher in Richmond Virginia for four years. Leah is such an exceptional musician and a wonderful teacher.  She is able to take a beginning guitar player, patiently teach them  fundamental guitar skills, and then progress them to master challenging classical guitar pieces. Her teaching technique motivated my daughter to want to consistently practice her guitar, be eager to learn, and become a more skillful musician. It was amazing to see the progress each week!"
-K. Travers, parent