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Classical and Flamenco Guitar

teacher and performER

Welcome to My Website!

I am a classical and flamenco guitarist from Richmond, Virginia (USA) currently living in Seville, Spain. 

I offer:

In Richmond, I taught private lessons and performed as a soloist and in the ensembles Fado Nosso (Portuguese Fado music), and Sueños Gitanos (flamenco-inspired), and the Richmond Guitar Quartet (classical guitar).  In 2013, I moved to Seville to pursue flamenco guitar professionally.  I am currently studying cante and baile accompaniment in the Fundación Cristina Heeren. 

My objectives for my next several years in Seville are:

(1) Continue studying full-time for one to two more years at the Fundacíon Cristina Heeren and begin accompanying cantaores and bailaores in Seville.

(2) Return to Richmond, Virginia regularly to share the music I am learning with my hometown's flamenco community.  As my flamenco experience deepens, I plan to expand my performing territory to Seville's and other flamenco communities, collaborating with artists in the U.S. and bringing artists from Spain to perform in the United States. 

(3) Continue sharing my musical insights and experiences with students of classical guitar in Seville, Spain, and with beginning flamenco students in the United States.

VCU's Flamenco Festival V

Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA, USA) will be hosting ourFifth Flamenco Festival, Friday March 20th through Sunday 22nd, 2015. 

I will perform on Sunday, March 22nd, 4pm withguitarist Denver Walker, percussionist Ian Browning, trumpet player Mary Lawrence Hicks, and RVA flamenco ensemble Flamenco del Sur.

The Festival will also feature performances by Washington, D.C.'s Torcuato Zamora and Miguelito and a Master Class by Miguelito.

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Seville, Spain

  • Alegrias1:43
  • Bulerias1:06
  • Granainas2:24
  • Peteneras1:43
  • Seguirillas1:49

In March 2013, I launched my Kickstarter Project Guitarra Flamenca to fund one year of flamenco study and composition in Seville, Spain. Thanks to over 200 backers, the project was successful, and that one year has turned into an indefinite stay in Seville and full-time pursuit of flamenco.  I am really thrilled to be learning so much in Seville's flamenco community, and will be forever grateful for the initial support that Richmond, VA's music community has given me me.

I am now in the final stages of this project and will soon release my album, Albores, exclusively to my project's supporters.  Listen to some clips of the album here.

Vocals were recorded by JuanMi Guzmán of TabacoRecord (Seville, Spain).  Guitar, percussion, and trumpet were recorded by Lance Koehler of Minimum Wage Studios (Richmond, VA, USA).  Mix and master also by Minimum Wage Studios. 

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