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​It's hard to say when in-person lessons and tourism will resume in Seville, but there are lots of great ways to learn guitar online from home meanwhile.  Check out these upcoming and ongoing group classes in flamenco, music theory, and fingerstyle guitar.  

  • The Flamenco Palos - a guided tour, on your guitar, through flamenco’s fundamental sounds. In each class, we'll focus on one palo and explore its rhythm (compás) and a short solo.  Sundays starting May 17th, 2020.

  • Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists - a group course in music theory, specifically as it applies to the guitar.  Non-readers relax, no music notation involved!  You'll learn to build chords and scales and make sense of keys and chord progressions, all with guitar in hand.  Sundays starting May 17th, 2020.

For optimistic travelers considering a future visit to Seville, I’m happy to discuss potential plans.  Get in touch at leah.kruszewski@gmail.com.  Stay safe, and take care!


​​I am available for concerts,festivals, and private performances in Seville and abroad, solo or with flamenco dancers and singers.

​​​​​I offer specialized individual instruction in 

  • flamenco guitar (all ages and levels)
  • classical guitar (all ages and levels)
  • acoustic and fingerstyle guitar for beginning and intermediate players
private house concert in Richmond, Virginia
performances and private guitar lessons in Seville, Spain and online
Online guitar student at Lessonface playing a Loog guitar
online lessons in flamenco, classical, fingerstyle, and acoustic guitar at Lessonface

Flamenco and Classical Guitar

  • private guitar lessons online
  • group guitar classes online
  • flamenco guitar lessons in Seville, Spain
  • concerts and performances                                        

Accompanying flamenco singing and dance in the annual  flamenco festival of Arles, France

private guitar lessons online and in Seville, Spain

Guitar Classes Online and in Seville, Spain

concert of flamenco guitar singing, and dance in Arles, France

Lessons online

​​The best online guitar lessons are taught by a teacher who can see and hear you in a live video chat setting.  I give my students immediate feedback and thoughtful, personalized guidance so that they progress rapidly and enjoy the process.  Lessons are easy to book (through Lessonface) and technology set up is minimal.  

Lessons in Seville, Spain

Students visit me from all corners of the world for lessons in classical and flamenco guitar during their visit to Seville, Spain.  Some are tourists looking for a brief introduction to flamenco or spanish classical guitar.  Others are seasoned guitarists who enroll in intensive flamenco guitar lessons for anywhere from one week to several months.   I am flexible with individual students' needs and goals and can accomodate most scheduling requests.  

Solo flamenco guitar at a house concert in Richmond, Virginia

Private Guitar Lessons Online and in Seville, Spain

flamenco guitar lessons in Seville, Spain


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