The best online guitar lessons you can find are those taught by a teacher who can see and hear you in a live video chat setting.  When you receive immediate feedback and thoughtful, personalized guidance, you progress rapidly and enjoy the process.  I offer specialized instruction in classical and flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar lessons for adult beginners, and guitar lessons for kids ages six and up. Lessons are easy to book and technology set up is minimal.  Check out my schedule and book a class here!

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Fall Flamenco Guitar Workshop

November 4th-6th, 2016


Saturdays from October 1st through December 10th, 2016

I can't wait to visit Richmond, Virginia in October and November 2016 for VCU's 6th Flamenco Festival!  I'll be performing Friday November 4th with the Latin Ballet of Virginia, and we'll have several other wonderful artists performing on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Details below:

Classical and Flamenco Guitar

I had a lot of fun giving this online group course over the summer, so we (Lessonface and I) are offering it again this fall!  Ideal for newcomers to flamenco who have some experience playing.  Learn more and enroll here!

"The Spanish folk art flamenco offers a wealth of inspiration for guitarists of any background. Solea, a fundamental flamenco song form, features profound and haunting harmonies and beautiful melodies. In this course, we will explore the sounds, techniques, and rhythms of flamenco in the context of Solea. Each class will introduce one particular technique and apply that technique to a falseta (a short guitar solo). Students who take the whole course will finish with a full-length solo arrangement of Solea. Students interested in one or two particular techniques are welcome to drop in on the classes that interest them most."

Online Guitar Lessons via Live Video Chat

Leah Kruszewski

VCU's Flamenco Festival VI