Leah Kruszewski
flamenco and classical guitar

Sueños Gitanos
"gypsy dreams"

Sueños Gitanos: Upcoming Performances 

Sunday, June 8th, 8-11pm

Sueños Gitanos guitar duo at Weezie's  (3123 W. Cary Street)

Friday, July 5th, 6-8pm 
Sueños Gitanos at the VMFA's First Fridays Concert Series

Sunday, July 28th, 8-11pm
Sueños Gitanos guitar duo at Weezie's  (3123 W. Cary Street)

Sunday, November 3rd, 4pm
Sueños Gitanos and Flamenco del Sur perform
at VCU's Singleton Center for Performing Arts as part of 
VCU's Flamenco Festival IV

Sueños Gitanos: Album and Sound Clips

Sueños Gitanos released their debut album 
in Spring 2013.  The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at 
Minimum Wage Studios and features:

Leah Kruszewski, guitar
Denver Walker, guit
Mary Hicks, trumpet
CJ Alicea, percussion
CJ Wolfe, drum set
Brian Cruse, bass

Album available in hard-copy only for $10 (+$3 shipping)
Purchase album via Paypal on the "Buy Music!" page.

Listen to clips from our album here:

Entanglement (Rumba)

Iorek (Solea)

Anchiornis huxleyi (Alegrias)

San Salvador (Guajira)

Sueños Gitanos's first performance with trumpet & percussion in April 2011

Sueños Gitanos guitar duo performs "San Salvador (Guajira)"
with VCU Community Guitar Ensemble, J
uly 24th, 2011
Guitar ensemble accompaniment arr. Frank Mullen III

Sueños Gitanos: Ensemble and Musicians

Denver, CJ Alicea, Mary, and Leah

Sueños Gitanos (“gypsy dreams”) is a flamenco-inspired ensemble that combines the passion and spirit of Spanish flamenco music with local Richmond talent and inspiration. While flamenco song forms are the foundation for all our tunes, our classical and jazz backgrounds guide our musical voices and interpretations.  Sueños Gitanos began with guitarists Leah and Denver in June 2010, playing original flamenco arrangements inspired by the music of Sabicas and Paco Peña. We soon added trumpet player Mary Lawrence Hicks to capture the rich melodies of flamenco cante and percussionist CJ Alicea to accent the quirky rhythms of flamenco tradition.  Percussionist CJ Wolfe joined us in VCU's Flamenco festival, and bassist Brian Cruse played in our recent album recording (to be launched in spring 2013).  Our tunes combine the sounds of Spanish guitar traditions, modern flamenco artists (especially Gerardo Nuñez, Moraito, Oscar Herrero and Juan Martín), and original material by Leah and Mary. Audiences know and love Sueños Gitanos for its flowing melodies, colorful guitar harmonies, and lively energy and charm.

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Sueños Gitanos: Services

We are glad to play at parties, wedding receptions, and other events. We can play in an ensemble of two to six musicians, depending on the size and budget of the event. Please check out our sound samples and contact Leah (leah.kruszewski@gmail.com) for rates and availability.

Sueños Gitanos performing "Entanglement (Rumba)" with
Flamenco del Sur in VCU's Flamenco Festival III March 26th, 2012

Sueños Gitanos guitar duo performing "Iorek (Solea)"  
in VCU's Flamenco Festival III March 26th, 2012

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