Leah Kruszewski
flamenco and classical guitar

Fado Nosso
"our Fado"

Fado is often described as portuguese blues. Songs are often mournful, profound, and bittersweet,
but can also be light, quirky, and flirtatious.  Fado, which means fate or destiny, interprets many sides of life,
and exactly what makes it fado has a great deal to do with the depth of the emotion expressed, whether the song be whimsical or tragic.
Fado Nosso interprets traditional and modern fado tunes in a trio of voice, classical guitar, and upright bass.
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Bernadette and Leah

More About Portuguese Fado Music
In essence, fado is an expression of saudade - a yearning or longing for a person, place or moment that has long since passed. Bittersweet and nostalgic, mournful and melancholic, fado (which translates to fate or destiny) is a musical manifestation of a soul tormented with the knowledge of what once was, and can never be again. It speaks of loves torn apart by distance, indifference and selfish desires, of men carried away by the call of the sea, and women clad in black who stand as widowed beacons on the shore. The desire for a true and lasting love inevitably is twisted and withered by intrigues and absence, until the heart, fractured and debilitated, knows only its sad fate, sings only its sad song.

 Essentially Portuguese, it is as married to the sea as the boats that brought sailorsback from a new world, bearing the strange guitars that would eventually become the guitarra portuguesa, along with their stories of the worlds they discovered, and the lives and loves they left behind. Often referred to as the Portuguese blues, it rises from the taverns of Lisbon and the street corners of Coimbra, offering to the world a portrait of love, passion, sadness and pain that is the soul-song of its players, and of Portugal itself.

Bernadette Stephens

Fado Nosso album release at GlobeHopper Coffee, March 30th, 2013

Fado Nosso performs next at
The Wine Loft, Thursday, June 13th, 8-10pm

Listen to clips from Fado Nosso's debut album below,
and click here to purchase a hard copy or digital download.

Formiga Bossa Nova



Barco Negro

Bernadette Stephens - Vocals
Leah Kruszewski - Guitar
Brian Cruse - Bass
Melissa Sunderland - Violin

recorded and mixed at Minimum Wage Recording

Fado Nosso duo performing at Urban Farmhouse, Spring 2011

Fado Nosso duo performing at Wine Loft, October 2012
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